Tuesday, 19 October 2010

October 15th: W.E. Day Five– An ode to the work experience kid

It’s Friday morning
And you’re applauding
Surely it will be a special sort of day?
With the weekend ahead
Everyone will be spent
And ready for some fun and some play.

You walk into the office
And what is it you receive?
A special ‘Friday’ good morning or nod?
Why don’t be ridiculous!
It’s a pile of work – with you name on it
Labelled ‘enjoy yourself work experience sod’.

But it’s been a week
So it’s fair to assume
That people will by now know your name.
Maybe even enquire after your plans for the weekend
And treat you as though you’re the same.

But guess again
My sorry friend
Pigs are more likely to fly.
No-one cares about you
Or what you can do
It’s hardly worth even having a try.

Rebecca? Sam? Fred? – or Joy?
I can’t remember what this one was called.
So you’re about half-way?
And you’re getting no pay?
Hurry on then, and do as you’re told.

A plus to the day
£50 note? Ah ok!
To put towards your expenses.
Shame it’s not nearly enough
And things stay financially tough
But didn’t you know that we’re in a recession?

Are you still busy?
Little work experience kid
I have something else I need you to do
A lunch break is for losers.
And beggars can’t be choosers,
So get on with cleaning my shoe.

We leave early on a Friday
‘Gotta get down the pub
And celebrate the night with our mates.
You must stay here
And forfeit the beer
Make up for us and go extra late.

What is this?
It seems unfair?
To be treated in such a poor way?
But work experience is a must
If you want to build trust
And we could replace you here in a day

So stop your moaning
And crack on fast
Work won’t get done on its own
Chance of a job at the end?
I’m not gonna pretend
The answer may leave you forlorn

But it’ll be something for your CV
That’ll boost it up – trust me
This will help get you a job.

However, if all fails
And you’re beginning to pale
Chill out, take some breaths and relax!
Try not to despair
Keep a’hold of your hair
And think
Extra months - maybe ten?
Of getting to do work experience
All over again.

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