Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas is over, the goose is getting fat...

So a very merry happy Christmas it has once more been in my joyful household among the beautiful festive decor. Mother out did herself again and again with an exquisite Xmas dinner, Boxing day dinner , 27th of December dinner and even a bonus 28th of December dinner earlier (there really is no stopping her gourmet food producing talent – thank goodness!) Whilst I out did myself again with the amount of celebratory drinks and gloriously calorific food I managed to stuff down ON TOP of the exquisite dinners (I have a similar non-stoppable talent…). And now we are edging closer and closer to the New Year - pheew! This inter-period works as an important time of rest, recovery and digestion, and perhaps even a slight gentle working off of that extra Christmas happy fat I am feeling around my edges. Of course, I don’t want to go too crazy, as, let’s face it, technically this breather time is still “xmas” – and it would be foolish to deny myself treats during the main acceptable treat stuffing time of the year (the others being Easter and Birthday of course) when I shall be strict and celery consuming for the rest of it. So basically the healthy eating plan starts now and goes as follows; firstly, instead of eating my Christmas shortbread for breakfast, I shall have Weetabix. Some shortbread may be consumed as a breakfast desert. Secondly, absolutely no more snacking from the basket of Roses chocolates on the coffee table, none, ziltz, the end (there’s nothing left I like anyway so really what would be the point?). Thirdly, no more snippets of the xmas cake with every coffee I drink. I know they compliment each other beautifully and taste so so so soooooo delicious, but the five pieces the other day really was too much and to be truthful, made me more sick and ashamed than happy... Every other coffee from now on. Fourthly, alcoholic beverages must be cut to a minimum, no more than six a day. And lastly, fruit must be recognised as an acceptable form of dessert once more by my nervous system, training to begin immediately. There, that should do for the next couple of days. At least until the New Years blow-out wahey! Ooooh yes, I can almost taste it now, it’s gonna be a good’n... Mmmmm…… Ah well, there’s always New Years resolutions…

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So you want to be a journalist eh? Blogs Away!

So… it is strongly encouraged in my chosen/aimed for/hoped for/we’ll see what the job market is like once I’ve graduated career field to keep a blog. Of course, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, what a fantastical way of practicing and developing my writing style. Here, it is my world. I am allowed to conduct it however I wish, rant about whoever I want (with defamation law naturally a close consideration to my thoughts…) and tackle whatever subject I declare deserves tackling. Oh freedom, how lovely you are. Of course, this initial brilliant reason sidelines closely to the second – impressing potential future employers. By announcing my hopefully marvellous blog upon that hopefully marvellous CV they shall hopefully marvel at my showcase of writing dedication and unruly comments; laughing and slapping each other on the back over the audaciousness of this raw new-be, and declaring no need for an interview – just get her in! (Ahh, why didn’t I think of doing this before?!) Or…I suppose… it could go the other way… Like Facebook can get you sacked from your job (which fool took a camera out on that ‘sickie’ day anyways?!) or assist a fast-track of your CV through the paper shredder (BOARDROOM: ‘I’m sorry to say Sir I just checked her Facebook photos and…it wasn’t good. Not one of them showed her attempting anything even slightly journalistic and just look at her poor attempt at Twister in a toxicated state…what a mess. She’ll never make it in the real world…’) They may read my blog, shake their head and tut; loudly. ‘Why look at this! She’s only gone and got above herself! Thinking that she can write willy nilly about whatever she fancies, what does she think this is? A free world?! Pfft..and look here! No capital letter! Tut tut tut…throw that 58 page application form straight in the recycle bin, I shall use it to line the hamster cage later.’

So suddenly things have got dangerous. I feel risky and slightly heroic – do I dare press publish? Do I take things down a notch, become more formal and courteous and write about safe subjects like why is it that if you are wearing a dark coloured top whilst eating spaghetti bolognaise you spill nothing – not a drop, not a flick of sauce, even if, like myself, you are a rather animated talker, whether eating or otherwise – nothing - you walk away clean as a whistle (which shall be another discussion later – whistle? Clean? Not after a few blows from a few different germ filled mouths I’d like to suggest…) Yet wear a white top – foolish to say the least, but perhaps it was a surprise spaghetti date, you didn’t know what was in store, you were expecting a nice safe salad… - sauce, everywhere. Even with precautions – a napkin, a bib, another top on top of that top – still, sauce strikes. Just one of those things I suppose, and for all its woes, a nice, safe, discussable subject. Oh what a dilemma, which writing route to take… (although, I must say, despite my concerns, a rather nice intro link to my ‘hard knock life’ theme – isn’t it lovely when things work out – err, in a hard knock way I mean...of course..) Hmm, well I think its best if I allow fate to take its course, and my moods to control the writing themes (and most importantly, for me to write stuff that I enjoy writing, or else, come on, let’s face it, this blog updating thing will never happen, let alone regularly…) Let’s just hope those future potential employers have a sense of humour.

Welcome to my blog!