Monday, 29 March 2010

Film Review: 'Kick Ass' kicks ass – and a whole load more…

So… I think I’m still suffering shock from last nights viewing of the newly released hugely controversial, action-packed, violent, non-stop superhero mayhem that is Kick Ass. I certainly feel like I’ve received a whopping, that’s for sure…

But strangely – in a good way. Nothing could have prepared me for this commendably original, entertaining gore-fest (if such a thing exists…) fighting frenzied, action thriller romantic comedy. That’s right; it’s a film that has pretty much succeeded in covering every genre – quite an achievement alone one might say.

And what’s more – it’s genius. The story works (surprisingly) brilliantly - especially considering it is ultimately about a geek kid living his superhero fantasy (something you may think you’ve heard of before, but trust me, Kick Ass is QUITE different…). With an intelligent and insightful reflection on how the whole celeb/internet flurry can begin from a kid with a video phone, to a believable take on how normal individuals - ok, perhaps ‘normal’ isn’t the right word - but how some of the more imaginative people in society may just think heck, why not check out life as a superhero? And actually go through with it, the film has a structure that’s easy to follow and most importantly, is enjoyable – the simple basics that so many films seem to lack nowadays.

Additionally, the characters are strong. No, more than that, they are extreme. And yet, they are also relatable, built up in such a fashion that you care about them even despite the violence they may have just inflicted and the many people they may have just massacred (and that certainly takes some doing…). Without a doubt it is superhero wannabes Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and his young daughter Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) who steal the film with their hilarious anecdotes and contrary blood-filled, highly skilled, synchronised fight sequences- even despite the debate about the necessity of the foul language that pours out of the younger super.

Are the critics right in saying it should be rated 18 not 15? – Possibly. Are the critics right in saying it is inappropriate to have a 11-year-old assassin as one of the main protagonist’s? Again, quite possibly. The fact is this film is gore, gore, gore, backed up with comedy, action, controversy, ultra-violence, drama, and some more gore. And then, possibly, a sprinkling of more gore – you get the picture right? But it’s great – and justice cannot be made through words alone. You’ll just have to go and check it out for yourselves…just be ready for the gore…

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chinese Tiger Swap

"Shenyang zoo has been closed after the deaths of 11 Siberian tigers and allegations of supplying the illegal tiger-bone trade"

Ooh no China, why oh why do you do things like this?! Especially to tigers. Not tigers, please. They are my most favourite of all the animals, the coolest of the cats, the smartest of the striped... Well, I would guess anyways - just think of the competition, zebras, and err..zebras..(hang on..) ok, after a little googling, there are also skunks and hyenas of course (who obviously have nothing on the tiger), bugs and fish (who obviously have nothing on anything) and even apparently you can get striped squirrel type things – whoever knew? Kinda funky actually, but still - not a tiger. Anyways, I am diverting…Basically, this is very distressing, especially when you finally manage to get past the gloomy starved tiger image and actually read the article which explains that actually this "zoo" keeps tigers often to sell their bones to local "doctors" to brew up some nice traditional medicines(hmm, note to self, if ever in China, remember nurofen tablets…)So yes, tiger tonic anyone? Oooh,or even some of the tiger bone wine the zoos website boasts about (I would guess a great accompaniment to any game dish?). Of course, it didn't stop there. Why waste good skin, carcass, teeth, eyes, penises etc etc? They all have their unfortunate uses. So instead of buying food for the animals (pfft, who would be so stupid?), money was spent on freezers (but of course!), needed to keep the remnants of a once beautiful animal at a safe consumer temperature until their required use. Brilliant. Genius. Nice. But hang on, has anyone never thought of trying Chinese bones in traditional medicine? Chinese bone wine? Chinese teeth, eyes and so forth? I know it’s not very ethical, but just think, there are a damn load more Chinese than tigers, therefore the long scale business prospects would be far greater right? Mainly though of course, it would surely make them think twice about such disgusting, cruel practices…so…would d’ya reckon?

(Ok, so I am not actually suggesting the farming of Chinese people. Trust me, I know and like many Chinese people. Maybe just give the ones involved with this type of thing a little scare…).

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