Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy new, New Year!

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new, New Year. No, I am not suffering from a severe head trauma nor have been in a coma for the last month (though looking back that may have been somewhat preferable…), and do indeed realise that it is the second week of February and hence the sixth week of 2010. However, this is exactly why again, I wish to wish you all a very happy new, New Year. For today I feel able for the first time this year to think about something other than work, going to the library or working at the library (oh how fun the third year of a uni degree is, oh yeeees...). And though I by no means am cool, calm and collected in regards to the workload still to tackle before me, I am thrilled to announce that for the last few nights - the first few of the year so far – I was able to not only go to bed at a decent hour (by decent I mean anywhere before 3am…), but also able to grant the allowance of the changing of my clothes into pyjamas (for I have discovered that like a small child with a favourite soft toy, my person takes ridiculous superficial comfort from pyjamas and falls swiftly to sleep in their presence – something that obviously must be avoided at all costs during the deadline death weeks…), and - even more excitingly – I have been able to switch off my bedroom light at night to place my room into complete darkness. That’s right, I don’t even leave my table lamp on to coax myself back into productive work mode after a wee energy reviving slumber. No. Over the last few nights I have been able to go to bed… like normal person.
So hence, after the weeks of hell that have just been endured, New Years starts today. Only now can I tackle those resolutions that I so devotedly made (oh c’mon! When exactly did I have time over the last few weeks to buy and prepare those gourmet healthy nutritious meals I swore to deliver every eve? Or jog those ten miles to happiness every other day?!) From now on, things can only get better and the year be a success, its uphill all the way (excluding jogging routes, downhill is far easier…). Goodbye quicky co-op less nutritious somewhat easier to make meal stops, hello fresh fruit and veg how could I ever have lived without you before attitude. A ten mile jog? Pffft, why not make it twenty? Yes, 2010 begins now. Though…shame that it’s a bit late to call it an early night…and there’s really no point calling it a night just yet when there’s so much other stuff I could be getting on with….and what about the weather forecasting snow again tomorrow? Such a factor would obviously, for safety reasons, cancel out any outdoor activity type plans… And oh! What about that left-over birthday cake that’s in the fridge – surely I wouldn’t just chuck that away when there are so many who would kill for a bit of buttercream icing? Hmm… perhaps March would be a better beginning of the year type month instead…

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