Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So you want to be a journalist eh? Blogs Away!

So… it is strongly encouraged in my chosen/aimed for/hoped for/we’ll see what the job market is like once I’ve graduated career field to keep a blog. Of course, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, what a fantastical way of practicing and developing my writing style. Here, it is my world. I am allowed to conduct it however I wish, rant about whoever I want (with defamation law naturally a close consideration to my thoughts…) and tackle whatever subject I declare deserves tackling. Oh freedom, how lovely you are. Of course, this initial brilliant reason sidelines closely to the second – impressing potential future employers. By announcing my hopefully marvellous blog upon that hopefully marvellous CV they shall hopefully marvel at my showcase of writing dedication and unruly comments; laughing and slapping each other on the back over the audaciousness of this raw new-be, and declaring no need for an interview – just get her in! (Ahh, why didn’t I think of doing this before?!) Or…I suppose… it could go the other way… Like Facebook can get you sacked from your job (which fool took a camera out on that ‘sickie’ day anyways?!) or assist a fast-track of your CV through the paper shredder (BOARDROOM: ‘I’m sorry to say Sir I just checked her Facebook photos and…it wasn’t good. Not one of them showed her attempting anything even slightly journalistic and just look at her poor attempt at Twister in a toxicated state…what a mess. She’ll never make it in the real world…’) They may read my blog, shake their head and tut; loudly. ‘Why look at this! She’s only gone and got above herself! Thinking that she can write willy nilly about whatever she fancies, what does she think this is? A free world?! Pfft..and look here! No capital letter! Tut tut tut…throw that 58 page application form straight in the recycle bin, I shall use it to line the hamster cage later.’

So suddenly things have got dangerous. I feel risky and slightly heroic – do I dare press publish? Do I take things down a notch, become more formal and courteous and write about safe subjects like why is it that if you are wearing a dark coloured top whilst eating spaghetti bolognaise you spill nothing – not a drop, not a flick of sauce, even if, like myself, you are a rather animated talker, whether eating or otherwise – nothing - you walk away clean as a whistle (which shall be another discussion later – whistle? Clean? Not after a few blows from a few different germ filled mouths I’d like to suggest…) Yet wear a white top – foolish to say the least, but perhaps it was a surprise spaghetti date, you didn’t know what was in store, you were expecting a nice safe salad… - sauce, everywhere. Even with precautions – a napkin, a bib, another top on top of that top – still, sauce strikes. Just one of those things I suppose, and for all its woes, a nice, safe, discussable subject. Oh what a dilemma, which writing route to take… (although, I must say, despite my concerns, a rather nice intro link to my ‘hard knock life’ theme – isn’t it lovely when things work out – err, in a hard knock way I mean...of course..) Hmm, well I think its best if I allow fate to take its course, and my moods to control the writing themes (and most importantly, for me to write stuff that I enjoy writing, or else, come on, let’s face it, this blog updating thing will never happen, let alone regularly…) Let’s just hope those future potential employers have a sense of humour.

Welcome to my blog!